Passagiere vor der Sicherheitskontrolle

Security control at the airport

Airport security control step-by-step guide

You have checked in your baggage already? Before getting to the departure gate you have to pass security control with your hand luggage.

  • Metal detector

    All carried items and jackets are passed through X-ray while you have to go through the metaldetector.

  • Elektronische Geräte

    Larger electronic devices will be placed without covers/bags in a separate basket.

  • Liquids

    It is allowed to carry one 1 liter reclosable plastic bag per person containing items of maximum 100ml.

  • Additional controls

    Thank you for your understanding in case you are subject to additional controls due to security reasons.

  • Wheel chair users

    Passengers in a wheel chair will be checked manually at security control and might have to switch to an airport wheel chair during the process.


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Rund um den Flug

What you need to know about hand luggage

In order to pass through security control at the airport without problems you should not carry prohibited items in your hand luggage. A detailed list is available at the information desk, at security control or online.

  • Liquids in containers of more than 100 ml

  • Sharp objects with +6 cm blade length

  • Rifles, firearms, bows, spears

  • Blunt objects such as knuckledusters

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