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Man with suitcase and passport

How to prepare for your flight from Graz Airport

A relaxing yourney starts with a good preparation. Our checklist ensures that you can board your flight from Graz stress-free.

  • What shoud I consider before the journey?

  • Which documents do I need?

  • What should I carry in the emergency kit?

  • What else should I keep in mind?

Geöffneter Koffer mit Reiseutensilien auf Sofa
Graz Airport Lounge von innen mit Menschen

Your contact for questions

The airport information desk is your contact point for all questions related to your flight from Graz. By phone or on-site – we ensure you start your journey well-informed.


Daily 05:00-22:30

+43 316 2902 172

Kollegin am Telefon am Informationsschalter.


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