3 Frauen am Check-in-Schalter

Check-in at the airport

Check in on time & take off relaxed

Would you like to check in at the check-in desk or do you need to check in your bags? We recommend to be at the airport early enough so that your baggage can be checked and loaded onto the plane in due time. On scheduled flights the latest 45 minutes, on charter flights ideally 2 hours before departure.

Check-in at the counter at Graz Airport

While online check-in is free of charge, check-in at the counter may cause additional costs with some airlines depending on the booking class of your ticket.

  • Eurowings

    Check-in at the counter costs € 15.00 per person for BASIC tickets.

  • Corendon

    Owners of a PROMO ore ECO ticket pay € 10.00 per person.

  • SunExpress

    Depending on the ticket class different prices apply with SunExpress.

Geöffneter Koffer mit Reiseutensilien auf Sofa
Travel preperations

Easy preparation for your journey: Your checklist for a carefree holiday.

A must-have for every journey – the passport

Passengers travelling within Schengen countries do not have to go through passport control. As random controls are possible you should still carry your passport or ID card with you. On flights to countries outside the Schengen area passports are always checked.

Bunte Reisepasshülle.